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Poppodium Gebouw-T
Stichting regionaal poppodium voor popcultuur Bergen op Zoom
Wilhelminaveld 96
4611 WJ Bergen op Zoom

Postbus 714
4600 AS Bergen op Zoom

KvK 20167627
BTW no 821993999B01
Rabobank NL62 RABO
Tel no. 0164-253122


Gilly Verrest 06-10162331 (programmeur)

Maxwell Tol / Walter Peene (techniek)

Tara van Vliet (productie) 


Max 103dba

Onder geluidsniveau wordt verstaan het Leq niveau in dB(A) gemeten over een periode van 15 minuten aan de mengtafel op een hoogte van 2 meter boven de vloer.


Gebouw-T has a sound pressure limit of 103dBA LEQ15 at F.O.H. console position.
We expect sound engineers to respect this limit!

PA d&b:

2x J‐sub

4x C4 sub

4x C7 top
2x C6 Infill

5x D12 Amplifier
1x D6 Amplifier


10x D&B Max12
2x D&B Max15

1x D&B Qsub

5x Crest CC2600 Amplifier
1x D&B D6 Amplifier

Mixing Consoles:

If you have any preference for Foh/Mon console please let us know in advance.

Allen & Heath C3500

Stagerack: 48ch mic – 24 out | 1x Madi (64ch) in/out
Localrack: 6ch mic in/out | 1x AES/EBU in-out | 1x Dante

Soundcraft Vi4

Stagerack: 48ch mic - 16 out | 8x AES/EBU in/out
Localrack: 16 in/out analog | 8x AES/EBU in‐out |
 2x MADI (64ch) in/out

Digidesign Profile

Stagerack: 48ch mic - 24 out | 8x AES/EBU

Localrack: 16in/out analog | 8x AES/EBU | 1x MADI (64ch) in/out


4x Shure SM58beta

6x Shure SM58

6x Shure SM57beta

4x Shure SM57

4x Shure SM56beta

2x Shure SM52

2x Shure SM91

4x Shure SM27

3x Neumann KM105

4x Neumann KM184

2x Neumann KM185

4x Sennheiser 421

6x Sennheiser e604

4x Electrovoice RE‐20

2x AKG C451B

4x AKG C414‐XLS


8x BSS AR133

4x Klark Technic DN100 

Infras to Studio:

5x CoaxHD
3x Ethernet CAT6e
8x Dualmode Fiber 50u/125u
Analog multi 56ch

DJ stuff:

2x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus
1x Pioneer CDJ2000
2x Pioneer CDJ350
1x DJM900 Nexus
2x Reloop RP7000
2x Free float Set 



Grand MA 2 Light
Console is kept upt to date.

Conventional lights:

8x 4‐bar (Par 64, MFL)

2x ACL set (Par 64)

4x ADB F101 Fresnel (1000W)

4x ADB C103 PC (1000W)

6x ETC S4 Zoom 25‐50º (750W) 

Moving lights:

6x Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot

8x Chauvet Maverick MK2 Wash


4x Par 36 4‐lite (blinder)

3x Martin Atomic
4x Spiegelbol 50cm incl. motor

1x Unique 2.1 Hazer

1x Rook machine Jem ZR‐44 DMX 

Hall lights:

18 x Led Par 64 RGB 21x3W

10 x American DJ Mega TriPar Profile Plus 



Stage Right 63A Audio
Stage Left 32A Mobile 


Stage Left 32A Lights


Loading dock 32A
Loading dock 16A


1x NEC PA550W 5500 Lumen
Screen is 7 x 4,5 meter on screen, the screen is at the back of the stage. 6 meters from front of stage.

VGA/HDMI connection (Stage + FOH)


Opening:            8,80m
Depth:               6,70m
Height:              5.30m (from stage to truss)
Stage Height:    1,00m (from floor to stage)
Backdrop:         Max 8m wide
Sidestage Left:  1,30m
Sidestage Right:5,00m

House backline:

Availible upon request.


Tama SuperStar + throne 5 part
Tama Iron Cobra pedal
22” Kick
10” Tom
12” Tom
14” Snare
16” Floor 


Zildjan A custom set
16'' / 18'' / 20'' / 14'' HH


Ampeg SVT Classic
Cabinet: 6x10”


London City Bulldog
Cabinet: 4x12''

Marshall JVM 205H

Cabinet: 4x12”

Fender Twin Reverb
Combo: 2x12''